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MT Mighty Patch Pops (144 Count)

MT Mighty Patch Pops (144 Count)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Zetta Stark
Don't know how I lived without these before!

I love these and use at least one or two almost every night. I'm a 45-yr-old woman who STILL battles acne on my face and have folliculitis so I also break out on the rest of my body. It sucks, but these make it so much better! Where I used to get multiple breakouts on my arms and legs and end up picking at them (gross, I know, but it is what it is), now I stick one of these on at night when I can see it really getting started. In the morning, the bump will be lower and it takes the redness out so they're much less noticeable and I'm much less likely to pick at them. I will never not have these in my bathroom again!

Kayleigh Emmerich
Bye bye backne

I've struggled with absolutely random outbursts on my face and back. Naturally, during the summer, this is embarrassing to the point of wanting to say covered up. I am SO happy to have randomly come across these magical little patches. They are simple to put on your skin, and fairly easy to take off. I truly appreciate that the almost blend into your skin, and are not very noticeable unless someone looks very close. After a few days of using patches on a targeted area, I notice a significant decrease in oil and swelling in the area. ANY time I feel the start of a bump, I immediately put one of these on, and can assured it'll stop the growth before it even has time to think!

Kobe Mills
Works like a charm on whiteheads

These little patches have taken so much stress out of my life. My chin will not stop breaking out with cystic acne that eventually turns into whiteheads. I love that now as soon as a white head shows up I just pop one of these on at night, and the next morning it’s looking amazing. I also have worn them during the day in front of people and it is subtle enough for me to not feel embarrassed wearing it. Thank you to the geniuses that came up with this technology!

Franz Wolf
ACNE? Then Buy This.

I’ve had acne since I was 11 years old. I’m 27 now!!! And let me tell you—I’ve used everything. But this product and the surface patches are amazing; you see results over night. First night using, My acne were risen bumps on my face; the next morning my skin was flat. Acne marks were still there. I have no doubt that my acne will be gone within the next 2 days. If you struggle with acne, you have to buy this. Add it to your nightly routine. Highly recommend.

Shirley Cronin

When I have a pimple and I use the Mighty Patch, by morning it's gone. It's amazing how the patch draws out the "stuff" from the pimple and then leave a nice smooth result. You have to have the pimple slightly open to give the patch the ability to draw out the unwanted stuff. It does the work for you and you don’t have pick at it and cause bruising or scarring. My skin is a little sensitive but I have no problem using these patches. I will always have some on hand. You have to try it!!