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MT Pressure Point Neck Massager

MT Pressure Point Neck Massager

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ericka Wolff

I have fibromyalgia and MS and constantly fighting ongoing pain from the base of my skull to my shoulder blades. The knots that result can usually only be relieved with trigger point injections. I decided to try this--unsure if I'd get any better results than any of the other MANY things I have tried since 1999. I got IMMEDIATE relief!! I actually couldn't believe it! You can control the pressure easily, the balls are firm enough to give you "relief and release" yet not so hard that they hurt, and with a little practice-I was able to actually use it to release tension in the back of my skull, muscles along base of my skull, all down sides and back of my neck and across tops of my shoulder blades. Within a matter of a few minutes, and a few deep breaths, I felt completely different. Only someone with ongoing fibromyalgia pain might understand what I am saying, but you just can't get 18-20 trigger point injections on a regular basis!! THIS I can rely on regularly! Even if you don't have fibromyalgia or muscle spasms with MS like I do--even if you carry your stress in your neck and shoulders or sit a lot or drive a lot--getting really stiff, you can't imagine the relief! And yes, the rubber balls do pull a little on my hair but I SO don't notice compared to the pain it's releasing! Anyway--the cost is so reasonable--what have you got to lose??

Reynold Hintz
Science, Magic or Voodoo? But it Works!

So I bought this on a whim after my neck had been hurting for days in a row. My roommate has been gracious enough to massage it and always points out the knots in my neck. I saw this ball massage thing and thankfully a reviewer mentioned the balls aren’t soft but hard, which made sense to me, so I ordered it.

I received it the day Christmas Eve and took it to my parents house, still unopened, and when I got there my neck was hurting. I took it out and my uncle whose a chiropractor saw it and said “what’s this junk you bought?” Then he tried it. “Junior (he calls me junior), you’ve finally doing something good in your pitiful life (he’s also a jerk)” then proceeded to use it and not give it back for the remainder of the night.

I’ve been to the chiropractor, medical doctor, massages, popped Advil, heat packs, everything to deal with my neck pain and this stupid thing (I’m a jerk too) destroys my pain nearly instantly. I don’t know if it’s voodoo, science or magic, but it works. I wasn’t going to write a review until right now where I woke up with terrible neck pain and an accompanying headache. I took out the Advil but first decided to give this thing the first go. I rubbed the balls (that doesn’t sound right) into the knot in my neck and twisted my head several times and the pain completely disappeared. Seriously amazing! I had to write a review because I know I’m not the only one who the pain fairy visits. I can’t say this thing works on other parts of the body but for neck pain it’s the real deal. Sorry Advil, you just lost my business!

Ignacio Crona
Best massager EVER!

I absolutely LOVE this thing. I get terrible, deep-seated pain in my neck because I’m a college student and constantly spend my time hunched over textbooks or peering down at my laptop. I have never found relief from heat pads or cold therapy, and I can only massage my neck with my arms up behind my head for so long before they get tight and achy, too. But this has changed everything! I can massage my neck and shoulders for as long as I want with literally no muscle fatigue, and I can use as much or as little pressure as I need. Absolutely wonderful. The foam balls are relatively firm, but perfectly comfortable. The whole thing is made of what seems to be very heavy duty rubber, so no worry about breaking it. 15/10 rating!!

Tiffany Dach
Totally worth it. Feels great, quality’s great, expectations surpassed!

Insanely pleased with this purchase! Gets those spots in the back of my neck just right! And it’s very easy to maneuver around to get hard to reach places. The balls do not pull your skin or hair as they roll, and the plastic seems very durable!
My toddlers have even gotten ahold of it and played with it, and it remains intact despite all their abuse to it! Very very pleased and definitely a great gift idea or mother’s day present!

Estrella Auer
You have to practice using this massager in order to get good results.

This product is a very simple, but effective tool for massaging the neck area. I have had my neck worked on by a professional massage therapist, and now I can get similar results myself. I’m sure I will improve the more I use it. Well worth the price.