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MT Back Massage Roller

MT Back Massage Roller

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Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Kirstin Trantow
Fixed my Back Problem Quickly

I had been suffering with a back issues for more than two months. I am tall. I leaned over to hug my 9 year old grandson and I threw my back out/slipped a disc/sprained or did something to my mid to lower back. I had pain getting out of bed, sleeping and just walking. I felt like I was walking at an angle. It hurt my right leg to just propel myself when I walked. Walking stairs was a full body effort.

I read a lot of the reviews and almost went with another brand of roller to see if it worked. I now surmise that negative reviews came from inane people that just like to give bad reviews. I see this a lot on Amazon. I have tried products that had super negative reviews and found that they were baseless nonsense. In this case, the negative reviews were nonsense again.

I got my roller...... and....., without any videos or instructions, laid the roller on my bed and started to get into a laying position with the roller placed on my lower back. I rolled it to different places until it got to one position.... and all of a sudden, my back felt like the vertebra moved towards the inner part of my body. BOOM!..... my pain was immediately gone. It was that simple. It has been two days later and I am still adjusted without using the roller again.

I did go to a Chiropractor to see if they could do anything before buying this roller. The Guy wanted me to get an MRI first before he would even consider fixing my condition........ I now realize that Chiropractors don't do adjustments like they used to do. They have a system set up to drain you of money and maybe in a few months you can get some type of relief........... This roller may put Chiropractors out of business in my opinion.

Get this roller if your back situations seems similar to mine. It is just a rigid foam roller of a certain size that was perfect for me to get relief. This roller was worth every penny I paid for it. It is only $30. Don't be afraid to try it.... you don't have to be a rocket scientist to use it without directions. Good luck!

Hallie Stoltenberg
Great for deep tissue massage

I suffer from chronic pain and deep tissue massage helps me. Unfortunately, I can't afford to get a professional massage on a regular basis. When I saw this roller, I decided to try it and it did not disappoint. I was able to use it on my thighs, neck and lower back and it helped breakup the fibro knots I constantly get. The best part is, I was not sore the day after using. If you benefit from deep tissue massage, for whatever reason, this is for you!

Adelbert Kuphal
Super firm and sturdy!

I ordered the full size roller. Three words to describe it: light, sturdy and firm. Also, definitely something you can carry without a hassle to your daily yoga class if you have one. To be honest, I've tried ones I purchased at Ross and Walmart before and the quality of this one definitely doesn't compare to those since this seem to have better quality. Definitely seeing it holding weights up to 200+. Will recommend this to my cousin seeing as she is into fitness and yoga.

Jules Simonis
Good at relieving knots and tight muscles

This foam roller has been an integral component in my warm ups and cool downs. I roll out my mid/lower back, IT bands and hamstrings pre- and post-workout, and I can definitely notice the difference in the quality of my workouts. This foam roller is sufficiently firm to provide me with a good stretch without being too rigid where it is painful to use. This is my first foam roller with the bumps and ridges, which allows me to target a specific area or knot. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a sturdy foam roller with multiple functions!

Theron Jenkins
Surprisingly great!

I was a little hesitant to get this roller because I had bought a smooth one elsewhere and it was underwhelming. But I’m glad I went for it. Because of my work I am at my desk for a major part of the day and it’s finally getting to my back. So I tried the roller on my back first to see if it would help. It surprised me how well it worked! Granted it wasn’t instant relief but pretty close to it. The nodules really make all the difference to get into those knots. It was awkward for me to maneuver at first since I’m not too familiar with rollers but with a quick glance at YouTube I got the hang of it.