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MT SkyFly Orb

MT SkyFly Orb

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The MT Skyfly Orb®

Are you looking for a unique and thrilling flying experience? Look no further than the motorized MT SkyFly Orb! This incredible device glides smoothly through the air with each throw. Observe as it hovers, glides, and zips through the air, and then return to your hand like a boomerang or land in the hands of a friend, depending on your throw. Don't miss out on the excitement - try the MT SkyFly Orb today!

Safe & Portable - Staying entertained has never been easier! Not only is the MT SkyFly Orb safe to use, it's also an excellent way to improve your reflexes and get some physical and mental exercise. With its compact size, you can easily bring it with you wherever you go and play at your favorite location, whether it's at the park, the beach, your home, or beyond. Get ready for hours of fun with the MT SkyFly Orb!
Neon LED Lights - Bring your playtime to the next level with the MT SkyFly Orb's exciting LED lighting! No more relying on daylight to have fun, now you can play catch even in the dark. Get your hands on the high-tech MT SkyFly Orb today!
Shake to Begin - Starting your fun with the MT SkyFly Orb is as simple as flipping a switch! Just turn it on, grip it in your hand, and give it a little shake. That's all it takes to start your adventure with this innovative gadget. Get ready to play!
The Boomerang Trick - Experience the magic of flight with the MT SkyFly Orb! Simply release it into the air at the right angle and watch as it effortlessly glides away before gracefully returning back to you. Try the MT SkyFly Orb today and let the magic begin!
Durable Safety Cage - Enjoy your playtime with peace of mind, knowing that the MT SkyFly Orb is built for safety and durability. Its protective outer shell not only shields the moving parts but also improves its flight path. Whether you're a pro or just starting, the highly durable design ensures that the Orb can withstand any drops or mis-throws. Play worry-free with the MT SkyFly Orb!
Kick Trick - Unleash a new level of excitement with the MT SkyFly Orb, where soccer juggling meets zero gravity! Test your skills by kicking the Orb up and see how many times you can keep it airborne without letting it hit the ground. Get ready for the ultimate juggling challenge!
✓ Fun for all ages
✓ Stress-reducing
✓ Completely Safe
✓ Highly-durable design
✓ Friendly competition with friends and family
 * Note: Charger is included


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Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Darius Feest
Family fun

So much fun! It took a minute to learn that it works with kinetic energy but great craziness until you do. The weight seems to make it harder to use. Probably more for advanced users but easy to remove until desired. Kids and adults enjoy playing and seems to hold up to the attack of a GSD for a good 30 seconds before rescue.

Adolphus Reinger
Great gift

I bought two of these for my nephews for Christmas. Before wrapping my husband and I had to charge them and try them out! Granted it took the adults a bit longer get the throwing technique down than the 12 & 14 year olds. These are so fun!! I plan on buying one for me and my husband!

Emilia Fahey
Gift for all ages

We gave this gift to grandkids and niece and nephew. Not only did the kids love playing with it, but their parents did as well. Easy to charge the battery. Easy to learn how to use it. Great for indoors or outdoors.. It's durability is amazing. It looks like it would be breakable - but far from that. Everyone was immediately excited to get their chance to play with it.

Stacy Sanford
It's fun!

I was skeptical about this toy, I figured we would play with it for a bit and it would either break or we would get bored with it. Neither happened! It's pretty durable (so far) and it is fun. We have only used it indoors and it can be unpredictable, but it hasn't hurt anything despite us crashing it into everything in the house!

Ruby Hane
Great gift

It's great for gifts.