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MT Ultra Skin- Anti-Wrinkle Patch (30 Count)

MT Ultra Skin- Anti-Wrinkle Patch (30 Count)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 212 reviews
Shea Adams
Appearance of wrinkles diminished after first use!

I really like these! After the first night, there was a noticeable reduction in the appearance of my frown lines. I was afraid that it was too late for Botox because my frown lines were so deep, but after seeing the difference these made overnight I am encouraged. I will probably get Botox for a more long term solution, but will continue to wear these at night.
I was worried that the adhesive would cause my skin to break out, but so far so good.

Eduardo Heathcote
I can't believe they work.

Not “bs”-ing you. The nurse at my med spa recommended I get these instead of putting juvaderm in one side of my face- I’m a side sleeper. This brand is far superior in both experience and performance! You get a ton of them and the package is beautiful and user/storage friendly. I wash my face just at night, only water in the morning if that before a little vit e and spf. I stopped with the 5,000 expensive cremes and serums. These pads have wonderful serum on them! I like to use a microcurrent device at night to tone the muscles with aloe Vera as conductor. I let the aloe dry almost all the way leaving a little bit of stick, then pull upwards on the area of application till you see the wrinkle disappear and plop this bad boy on there. They stay the entire night and I leave them on while I drink my coffee and check emails in the morning. When I remove them- boom! Wrinkles who?? I can’t believe co are out here selling eye gels for 80 dollars!!! Throw a sheet of these in the fridge- your good sis!

Willa Mills
Buy them NOW

I just received these yesterday. I used them last night for the first time. Let me tell you, you need these in your life! I’ve tried these all last month but decided to try these. Firstly, these are clear. I can actually see that I’m smoothing out my nasal folds when applying, the other brand was so difficult to get the correct placement . Secondly, these are extremely comfortable! The other brand mentioned would sometimes poke me at the edges and they would crease. Thirdly, the adhesive to these are Amazing ! They stick and won’t budge, yet they are extremely comfortable and don’t hurt when you remove them, unlike the other brand where you had to add water to activate the adhesive and only had one chance to get the placement correct.
This morning when I removed the patches (without any pain), I was able to tell they are working. I noticed a difference. I stopped using the other brand for 2 weeks , so I know that this one application so far has made a difference. My nasal fold lines were less noticeable and there wasn’t a crazy amount of adhesive left on my face.
One more advantage of these is that they can be reused twice, I actually decided to try this out this morning. After removing the patch and cleansing my face I reapplied the patches from last night and the adhesive is still holding strong as I write this review (using them twice is personal preference. I did this today because I wanted to see if it was possible for the adhesive to still work and yes, yes it does!)
Long story short, just purchase them already! These ladies did an amazing job with this product!

Stefanie Grant
Overnight improvement 🤩

These are awesome at helping me keep my lines minimal. Going even one night without them makes a big difference in the deep wrinkles above my brow. I use two every night. One in the middle between my brow and the other I cut in half that I use over my brows. This is a great product!

Kariane Ryan
Wow! Game changer!

These are amazing, I can't get over it and I hope I never have to go without! I have bad wrinkles on my forehead, and I put these on before I go to bed and wear them overnight. I kid you not it looks like I have had botox, i can't believe what a game changer these are. You have a customer for life!